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Valencia bullring
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With the purchase of tickets to the bullring in Valencia you are guaranteed a place to watch the bullfights that will take place this year. Renowned bullfighters bring the art of bullfighting to its highest level in a bullring with a lot of history.

The Bullring of Valencia was designed by the architect Sebastián Monleón, based on the style of the Roman theatre of Flavius Marcellus. Its construction style is simple Doric with a 48-sided polygon-shaped structure and a bullring with a surface area of 52 metres in diameter.

The bullring of Valencia has undergone several modifications over the years. The first was due to a fire in 1946 and, years later, in 1995, they enlarged the area called "barreras" and "contrabarreras" leaving it with a capacity of entradas of more than 12,883 seats.

The first events in this bullring date back to 1851, although the official inauguration was not held until 1859 with a bullfight by Francisco Arjona "Cuchares", pitting bulls from the Viuda de Zalduendo and Nazario Carriquiri studs against each other.

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bullring in valencia
D. Santiago Domecq
21/07/2024 20:00



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bullring in valencia
D. Victoriano Del Río Cortés, El Pilar
20/07/2024 20:00


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