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In this section you can officially buy tickets or tickets to go see the bulls in the bullring in Aranjuez 2023 , located in the community of Madrid. is officially in charge of selling the tickets of the bullring in Aranjuez 2024 safely and ensuring their bulls Aranjuez 2024 tickets once bought 100%. In may make fertilizers and reserve tickets Aranjuez bulls before the first day of ticket sales and so you will not miss your favorite bulls in Aranjuez event.
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    Bullring of Aranjuez was built by the year 1976 by Charles IV and Queen Maria Luisa .
    In 1809 it suffered a fire and was rebuilt Ferdinand VII in the year to completion of the reform the bullring in Aranjuez is ceded to the town of Aranjuez.

    The bullring in Aranjuez has a capacity of 8700 spectators entries , the most important celebrations of the bullring in Aranjuez are in May although the bullfighting takes place in September .
    Aranjuez Bullring is of cultural interest since along with the Maestranza in Seville and Ronda are the oldest bullrings of Spain taking over 200 years and one of the most important features of this old place is that its arena is the largest in the bullrings of Spain .
    Tickets , tickets or tickets bulls in Aranjuez of the easiest and simplest way and without leaving your home .

    Past celebrations


    Juan Ortega, Roca Rey, Ginés Marín tickets tickets

    Aranjuez bullring
    El Freixo
    02/06/2024 19:00



    Joao Telles, Alvaro Lorenzo, Manuel Román tickets tickets

    Aranjuez bullring
    D. David Ribeiro Telles, Zacarías Moreno, Garcigrande
    08/09/2023 18:00


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