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In this section you can officially buy ; fertilizers , tickets , tickets or tickets to attend to see the bulls in the bullring of is responsible for selling official posts of the bullring of Almeria online safely and ensuring their tickets once purchased 100%. In you can make booking tickets and season tickets for Almeria bulls prior to the first day of ticket sales and so you will not miss your favorite event.
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The bullring of Almeria was begun by the year 1882 but not completed until 1888 when it was inaugurated on August 26 in a bullfight where the bullfighters of that time called, Lagartijo and Luis Mazzantini participated, with mano a mano with bulls from the ranch of Veragua.
The bullring of Almeria has a capacity of 9800 entries and spectators being 2nd category.
One of the most peculiar things of this bullring is their environment which makes it different from almost all the bullrings of Spain because it is usually carried fans and spectators their snacks to eat after third bull.
The main bullfights usually held in the bullring of Almeria for the festivities of the Virgen del Mar in the last week of August
The current business of the bullring of Almeria is the chopera home. works as official sale service with Almeria bullring owned by the municipality of Almeria to sell their tickets online and so make the ticket or fertilizers is something more convenient and simple, sure to power your tickets Almeria bulls from anywhere in Spain or the world without having you to move from your home, without having to wait in long lines and getting your tickets for Almeria bulls such an easy way never before imagined.

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