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Terms of use

1. Tickets user always buys our portal, the employer or organizer of the event, or private providers. only charges and bills the customer the search management equivalent to the ticket booking fees (the percentage depends on the employer bullfighting closed with each agreement), plus 21% VAT expenditure reserve. The bill's total cost can be justified by the physical input as VAT and CIF businessman or organizer of the event. This is said only does the bill for the total commission part.

Early booking tickets:
1.1 Book your tickets for upcoming festivities and be the first to make their entrances, informed of the confirmation of their tickets as soon as these tickets available.
1.2 In case the ticket booking is granted, will contact you via email or phone to inform you of your order status, no changes or refunds allowed.
1.3 Ticket reservation does not involve buying or commitment with the buyer, in case of not being granted entries, will refund 100% of the payment made by such tickets before the official start of sales, for that you arrange all of your money and can go to another point ticket.

2. Refunds:

2.1 - reserves the right to order voiding the order either system failure or for any reason sees fit, returning the total amount of your purchase.

2.2 - Once the purchase no changes, no refunds are allowed..

2.3 - Cancellation or suspension of the event: The customer must contact the box office or the organizer or the relevant event, having no one type of right to the refund of management offered by

3. Delivery types:

3.1 - Courier shipments Tickets: Tickets provided to the individual who at the time of delivery is at the agreed address and buyer authorization surrender. also perform deliveries in offices, hotels, residences, etc ... .. Sending home tickets will cost 10 €. (Spain and Peninsula).

3.2 - Collecting tickets at the box office: Once the purchase we provide a number of locator which we recommend you print. With the purchase could locator & aacute; s withdraw their entries in the official box office of the organizer of the event, for which there will be & aacute; to present the DNI , Bank card with the purchase and was held locator number. (If entries are removed by someone other than the cardholder, with which the purchase was made, you must submit an authorization & oacute; n the owner and photocopy of ID)

3.3 - If no agreement PICK ticket booth to the bullring you have selected a point PICK between the customer and operators will remember always indicated above for the purchase of their tickets to your satisfaction.

4. Pricing policy:

In our prices is applied a small percentage commission for reservation expenses and shipping in some places, in other places because of the difficulty of obtaining the tickets, the ticket price can be very high percentage to your official value. When you make a purchase / reservation, you accept completely the total ticket price, including commissions and Responsible for the web, society is informadno the user that the ticket price is higher on the web at nominal entrance fee, and you to make this purchase accept these conditions. Tickets for major events are expensive and hard to come by, especially if the capacity is sold out, so we increased the price of the tickets, the cost and effort involved us this sale.

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