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Roca Rey
Andrés Roca Rey is a Peruvian bullfighter known professionally in the world of bullfighting as Roca Rey.

Date of birth: October 21, 1996 in Acho, Lima (Peru).

Public debut: Andrés debuted on June 1, 2014 in Captieux (France) where he had a great performance. As a result, he cut off 3 ears of cattle from the El Tajo and La Reina farms, thus leaving his value to the French people.

Debut as a bullfighter: He bullfighted for the first time in the Las Ventas bullring in Madrid as a bullfighter on April 19, 2015, opening the big door after cutting off an ear from each bull. The poster was completed by Tomás Angulo and David de Miranda that afternoon.

Alternative: On September 19, 2015 in Nimes (France). Having as godfather none other than the great Enrique Ponce, witness Juan Bautista with specimens of Victoriano del Río. The bull in the ceremony was called Pocosol. The Peruvian right-hander cut an ear off each opponent's shoulders on a triumphant afternoon.

Alternative confirmation: The alternative confirmation was at the San Isidro Fair in Madrid, on May 13, 2016, with Sebastián Castella and Alejandro Talavante as godfather and witness respectively. Andrés' performance left us with two ears in the second of Mayalde's cattle ranch, opening the big door of Las Ventas.

Plazas in which he has bullfighted: Andrés has come to bullfight in the most representative bullfighting plazas in the world. Emblematic plazas such as La Maestranza de Sevilla, Las Ventas, La Maestranza de Ronda, Plaza de toros de Pamplona, La Malagueta, Plaza de toros de Jerez de la Frontera, Plaza de toros de Granada, Plaza de toros de ZaragozaArena de Arles, Arena de Nimes.

Bullfighter style: Andrés Roca Rey is a metamorphosis to modern and avant-garde bullfighting. The right-hander fills all the great squares with singular characteristics of daring and pure art. Many bullfighting critics identify him as the new José Tomás. Due to his skill in the ring and his firmness against the bull.

Additional information: In the Roca family, Andrés is not the only one who works as a bullfighter since on the other hand, there is his older brother Fernando Roca Rey who has had great afternoons in different bullrings from Peru. This is joined by his uncle José Antonio who was a bullfighter and finally his grandfather who was one of the managers of the Acho bullring in Lima, Peru at a certain time. Current sword waiter: Manuel Lara known in the bullfighting world as "Larita".

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