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Look for the event you want tickets

Find the event you want to buy tickets and click on the "continue" button to access the event. Choose your session which want tickets (Sport Toros, concerts or other inputs) in the main menu bar to find the fastest events.


You must be logged in to make the purchase of your tickets, however if you are a user accesses your account.

You must enter your details to make the purchase of inputs; registration is mandatory for all buyers.

Buy your tickets

Once registered, you simply login and place your order through, a portal 100% secure. Then choose the event you want to attend, select the type and number of entries (if the number of inputs or input type is not available reselect another) and indicate where you want to later collect the tickets.

After selecting the inputs and placed the order, prepare your credit card to enter the data that prompted our secure payment through our bank POS platform.

After the purchase, we will give you a pager number (we recommend you to print).

The purchase can be made by telephone or by bank transfer.

Early booking of tickets

Book your tickets for upcoming festivities and be the first to make their entrances, informed of the confirmation of their tickets as soon as these tickets available.

In case the ticket booking is granted, will contact you via email or phone to inform you of your order status, no changes or refunds allowed.

Ticket reservation does not involve buying or commitment with the buyer, in case of not being granted entries, will refund 100% of the payment made by such tickets before the official start of sales, for that you arrange all of your money and can go to another point ticket.


After the purchase of their tickets, they can be removed 2 different ways:

  • We will send the tickets by courier at the time you specify, adapting to their time possibilities.
  • With the purchase you'll locator withdraw their entries in the official box office of the organizer of the event, for which we will have to show your ID card , Bank card with the purchase and was held locator number. (If entries are removed by someone other than the cardholder, with which the purchase was made, you must submit an authorization of the owner).
  • If no agreement PICK ticket booth to the bullring you have selected a point PICK between the customer and operators will remember always indicated above for the purchase of tickets for your satisfaction.

Enjoy your event team thank you for your confidence in us and we want to enjoy the show.

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