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Madrid Las Ventas
Info In this section you can officially buy; fertilizers, tickets, tickets or tickets to attend see the bulls in the Plaza de [b] Bulls Madrid 2021 [/ b], called Las Ventas. is officially responsible for selling tickets from Plaza [b] toros de Madrid 2021 [/ b] on-line safely and ensuring their tickets once bought 100%. In reservation may be made of fertilizers and inputs for [b] toros Madrid 2021 [/ b] before the first day of ticket sales and so you will not miss your favorite event.
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No bullfights available for Madrid Las Ventas.
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The [b] Bullring Madrid [/ b] call [b] Sales [/ b] was inaugurated in 1938, although not officially inaugurated until three years later on 21 October 1934 by killers bulls Juan Belmonte, Marcia Lalanda and Cagancho, obtaining Belmonte the first oxtail that was cut in the bullring in Madrid.

The [b] Bullring [/ b] is made up of 4 floors, where it is divided into ten low- and high-lying, low have barriers and contrabarreras, front and fourteen rows high, have front and twelve rows. The stands as the broadsides consist of front-six filas.Tambien has 28 boxes.
The style of construction of this space [b] Bulls Madrid [/ b] is Mudejar, with a capacity of more than 24,999 entries localities. collaborates with the city of [b] bulls [/ b] from [b] Madrid [/ b] call sales for [b] selling [/ b] your [b] tickets online [/ b] and and make the ticket or fertilizers is something more convenient and simple, to make sure the tickets for [b] bulls Madrid [/ b] from anywhere in Spain or the world, without you to move from your home, without having to wait in long lines and getting your tickets for Toros Madrid an easier way than ever before imagined.

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Past celebrations
Antonio Ferrera, Emilio de Justo tickets
Place: Plaza de Toros de las Ventas Madrid
Farm: D. Victoriano Del Río Cortés
Date and time: 04/07/2021 19:00
Manuel Escribano, Sergio Serrano, Jimenez Fortes tickets
Place: Plaza de Toros de las ventas Madrid
Farm: Victorino Martín
Date and time: 26/06/2021 20:00
Diego Ventura, Enrique Ponce, Julián López El Juli, José María Manzanares, Miguel Angel Perera, Paco Ureña, Guillermo García tickets
Place: Plaza de Toros las ventas de Madrid
Farm: El Capea, Juan Pedro Domecq, Garcigrande, D. Victoriano Del Río Cortés, Fuente Ymbro, Jandilla, El Parralejo
Date and time: 02/05/2021 18:00
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