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Purchase tickets bulls San Fermin, Pamplona.Los first indications we have of bullfights in San Fermin, Pamplona takes us back to the Middle Ages and was the celebration of three acts, acts intensified since the twelfth century, religious ceremonies in honor of the holy San Fermin, trade fairs and bullfights, all documented since the century XIV.En these documents indicate that once the San Fermin festival was held on October 10, but in 1591 of Pamplona decided after thinking repeatedly move the feast of St. toros fermin to June, this change was due to bad weather that always made in October and thought that in July the festival of san bulls held fermin with much better time as a summer. The first fair of [b] San Fermin bull [/ b] in July lasted two days and counted the following activities proclamation, musicians, tournament, theater and bullfights. Subsequently they were added other events like fireworks and dances, and lasted until the 10th.
In the twentieth century the San Fermin reached their peak popularity internationally. he Because the novel "The Sun Also Rises" ( "Fiesta"), written by writer Ernest Hemingway in 1926 encouraged people from all over the world want to participate in the celebrations of Pamplona, ​​so important was this writer for the holidays San Fermin and the city of Pamplona today has a sculpture around the bullring of Pamplona.
Today day San Fermin bull festival is more international bull world, has the greatest number of foreign visitors so do not miss the bullfights in San Fermin and buy your tickets bulls San Fermin
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