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Colmenar Viejo
In this section of you can officially buy subscriptions, tickets, or tickets to attend the bullfights at the Colmenar Viejo bullring 2023. offers an official ticket sales service for the Colmenar Viejo bullring. Colmenar Viejo online safely and guaranteeing your tickets once purchased 100%. At you can make reservations for subscriptions and tickets, to see the bullfighting events at Casas Ibáñez 2023 prior to the start of ticket sales and thus you will not miss your favorite event, at the Colmenar Viejo bullring. belonging to the province of Madrid.
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    Before the end of the 19th century, a work of great importance was carried out in the Colmenar viejo bullring, the construction of a bullring. The bullring was for this town one of its first symbols of modernity.

    Before the bullring was built, the bullfights were carried out in the Plaza Mayor, for which it was conveniently fenced off. In August 1891 the old apiary bullring was inaugurated, built in stone, lime and wood and wood. It consisted of a single floor, most of it occupying the laying; there was another smaller part for bleachers and boxes. It was round and had a capacity of 5,000 tickets for fans

    The old apiary's bull ring had access to three doors and the same number of stairs facilitated access to the towns. It had a corraleta that was used for stables of horses, two corrals destined to the wild cattle, six pens and some other rooms, one of which was used as an infirmary. The circle measures about 42 meters in diameter, and the alley, 1.50 wide.

    On August 25, 1990, the Colmenar Vieo bullring was inaugurated with a new remodeling and expansion, with the performance of Luis Francisco Esplá, Víctor Mendes and Enrique Ponce, who dealt with a confinement of José Luis Pereda García, Francisco Campos Peña and Juan Jiménez Alarcón. The lines four and five, which were missing, and the new infirmary facilities are then concluded.
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    Zacarías Moreno
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