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La Maestranza de Sevilla
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Another info

[B] Real Maestranza de Sevilla [/ b] was built in 1761, designed by architect Vicente San Martin, on the square antiguamnte called him sew the Marketplace, later this square [b] bulls [/ b] of [b] Seville [/ b] was restored by the well known architect Anibal Gonzales.

The first time in this square was cut from ear to maestrantez [b] bull [/ b] for the year 1915 was short and the great killer of [b] bulls [/ b] of the Seville town of Gelves "Joselito el Gallo"

The [b] Royal Cavalry of Seville [/ b] that is the name of the [b] bullring in Seville [/ b] has a capacity of [b] tickets [/ b] 12,500 spectators, being property maestrantez of which they are an old Sevillan stately institution created in the sixteenth century.

His current employer is current ramon valencia Pages belonging to the company.

In this bullring two cold are held in April called the April Fair, being the most important fair in the world and one in the month of September which is the fair of San Miguel.
In [b] Seville [/ b] always meet the greatest figures of our bullfighting bull today still the dream and the ultimate triumph for a man matador out the coveted Prince door, no bullfighter who has not dreamed with [b] bull [/ b] perfeto in [b] Maestranza in Seville [/ b].
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