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    It was inaugurated on June 22, 1905, the festival of Corpus, with a poster composed of Reverte and Algabeño Chico, currently has a capacity for 2,380 people (formerly 2,500). For her they have paraded bullfighting figures such as Curro Romero, Paquirri, Pepe Luis Vázquez, the Peralta brothers, etc.

    The square was owned by the Sáenz de Tejada López family until August 4, 2002, date on which it was acquired by the Cantillana City Council.

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    The coso was in a poor state of preservation, so a load test test and an analysis of the component materials of the structure of the square were carried out, and the corresponding Restoration Project was prepared in view of the results. the same.

    The square has everything you need to organize bullfighting celebrations in compliance with European regulations

    The works, inaugurated in April 2003, have mainly consisted of adapting public outdoor entertainment regulations, providing them with toilets and fire-fighting facilities, emergency lighting, adequate pens and ramp access to the stands, facilities among others, which he lacked. In addition it has been equipped with infrastructure and urbanization to the enclosure, lighting and strength and other facilities. All the work has been done, trying to use traditional materials and of similar quality to the existing ones such as, solid bricks, lime mortars, artistic locks and almagra paintings, among others, giving the square the old historical flavor and traditional ornament that accompanies these buildings.

    The re-opening took place on Sunday, April 6, 2003, with a luxury festival with successful results: a chronicle of the celebration.

    Released in 1905

    This town always had a fondness for the bullfight, which has resulted in several local bullfighters, including the best known, Juan Solís Cantillana, Manolo Espinosa and Manili.
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