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La Maestranza de Ronda
In this section you can buy; fertilizers, tickets, tickets or tickets to go see the bulls in the bullring in Ronda, called the Maestranza bullring in Ronda. sells tickets of the bullring in Ronda online safely and ensuring their tickets once bought 100%. In may make fertilizers and reserve tickets Ronda bullring prior to first day of ticket sales and so you will not miss your favorite event.

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The Plaza de Toros de Ronda called the Real Maestranza de Ronda was built by the Royal Cavalry, current owners of the arena, the May 11, 1784 was opened but due to the collapse of part of the grandstand the final opening was not considered to on the May 19, 1785 by bullfighters Pedro Romero and Pepe Hillo. His style is neoclassical being its architect Martin de Aldehuela its architectural beauty and being one of the oldest square of bulls of Spain makes it the third most visited monument in Andalucia.

The Plaza de Toros de Ronda has an input capacity of just over 4,890 localities, being of third category, their run Goya is known worldwide to be of great interest.

His most important parties where the best bullfights take place Ronda usually in early September.

The managed Taurine S.Cayetano, S.A. (Company bullfighter Antonio Ordóñez Araujo). Currently managed by his grandson without losing the family tradition, the matador Francisco Rivera Ordonez "Paquirri"

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Bullring ronda
Daniel Ruiz
02/09/2023 18:00



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bullring ronda
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02/09/2023 11:30


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