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In this section of you can officially sell; tickets, tickets and tickets to attend bullfighting events in the Plaza de toros de Jaén, in the province of Jaén. is in charge of officially selling the tickets of the bullring of Illescas on-line in a safe way and guaranteeing its tickets once purchased 100%. In you can reserve tickets and tickets for the events of the bullring of Jaen, before the day of the start of the sale of tickets and so you will not miss your favorite event.
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The Bullring of Jaén or Coso de La Alameda. It was inaugurated in 1962, designed by the architect Antonio María Sánchez, and stands on the old square, inaugurated on August 15, 1847 by the Camará brothers. Shortly thereafter the part of the Sun collapsed, being restored and re-training on August 15, 1848, with bulls from Placido Comesaña fought by El Chiclanero and Nicolás Baró. It had a capacity for 6,500 spectators and disappeared in the mid-twentieth century. The first run was held on October 18, 1960 with the work unfinished and was in charge of bullfighters Pedro Martínez "Pedrés", Gregorio Sánchez and Víctor Quesada. The official inauguration of the coso, completely finished, took place on October 18, 1962.

In the month of February 1998, its mobile deck was inaugurated, becoming the first covered bullring in southern Spain.

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Curro Diaz, El Cordobés, El Fandi tickets tickets

bullring in Jaen
El Parralejo
15/10/2023 17:30



Emilio de Justo, Juan Ortega, Marco Linares tickets tickets

bullring in Jaen
El Puerto de San Lorenzo, Juan Pedro Domecq
14/10/2023 17:30


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