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Arena de Nimes
In this section of, you can officially buy subscriptions, tickets, tickets or tickets to attend any bullfighting event held in the Nimes bullring in the year 2024. is a company in charge of officially selling Tickets for the Nimes Bullring in 2024 online and securely, guaranteeing your tickets once purchased 100%. In turn, at you will be able to reserve your subscriptions and tickets for the bulls in Nimes before the day the ticket sales start and thus you will not miss your favorite event.
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    The Nîmes bullring is an ancient Roman coliseum dating back to 27 BC, but has been used for bullfighting since 1863.

    The Arena of Nîmes, located in the city of the same name in France, is an ancient Roman amphitheatre that has endured as an impressive testimony to Roman architecture and history over the centuries. It is estimated to have been built around 70 AD, during the rule of Emperor Vespasian.

    Throughout its history, this imposing structure has served a variety of functions. Initially, it served as a stage for public events such as gladiatorial combats, athletic competitions and theatrical performances. In the Middle Ages, it was adapted to house dwellings and workshops, taking advantage of its solid construction.

    In the 19th century, the arena was restored and returned to its original use as a place of entertainment. Since then, it has witnessed a variety of events, including bullfights, concerts and festivals. Its well-preserved architecture, with distinctive arches and tiers, makes it one of the best-preserved Roman monuments in Europe.

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    Nimes bullring
    Robert M.
    29/05/2023 18:00



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    Nimes bullring
    Fermín Bohórquez
    29/05/2023 12:00


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