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Villaluenga del Rosario
In this section of, you can officially buy, fertilizers, tickets or tickets to attend any bullfighting event held in the Plaza de Toros de Villaluenga in the year 2024. is a company responsible for officially selling the tickets of the Plaza de Toros de Villaluenga in the year 2024 online and in a safe way, guaranteeing your tickets once purchased 100%. In turn can make booking your tickets and season tickets for bullfighting in Villaluenga del Rosario prior to the day of the start of ticket sales and so you will not miss your favorite event.
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    The Villaluenga Bullring stands on dry stone rock and is one of the most picturesque bullrings in Spain, immersed in an impressive natural environment. Strategically located at one end of the village, on Calle Moreno de Mora, it is embedded in the reliefs of the Sierra del Caíllo. Its ground plan is almost octagonal in shape. Although the date of construction lacks written documentation due to the fire in the municipal archives in 1936, its antiquity is recognised, as it is the oldest in the province of Cádiz.

    Unlike other squares, this is the only one in the province that does not follow a circular structure, but instead adopts a trapezoid shape with octagonal corners, although its visual appearance is rectangular. Despite claims of having the largest seating capacity in the world, this is due to the peculiar location of the bullring. Being situated at the foot of the imposing rocky mass of the Caíllo, it can be admired from the heights of the Sierra. collaborates with the bullring of Villaluenga and specifically with the entity that manages it to sell their tickets online and thus make the sale of tickets or season tickets is something more convenient and simple, to be able to secure your tickets for bulls Villaluenga from anywhere in Spain or the world. Without having to move from your home, without having to wait in long queues and getting your tickets, tickets or tickets for bulls Cordoba in a way so easy that you would never have imagined before.
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