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Secure your place to witness the exciting bullfights with bullfight tickets Olivenza 2024, available for you to enjoy the art of bullfighting in the historic bullring of Olivenza, a meeting place for fans from different parts of the world, especially from France, Portugal and Spain.

The Olivenza bullring received authorisation for its construction from Queen Isabel II in 1857, and was inaugurated a decade later, in 1868. The grand opening was attended by prominent masters such as Francisco Arjona Guillén "Cuchares", who gave the alternative to the bullfighter from Badajoz, Juan Cuervo.

In subsequent years, the Olivenza bullring underwent several renovations, the most significant of which were in 1990 and 1991, when all its facilities were modernised.

Since that renovation, the bullring has hosted major bullfighting events, attracting the leading figures of bullfighting and consolidating Olivenza as an essential meeting point for aficionados from Spain, France and Portugal. With a capacity for 5800 spectators, the bullring of Olivenza remains an emblematic stage for the fiesta brava. collaborates with the promoter of the Olivenza bullring (Fusión Internacional por la Tauromaquia, FIT) in the sale of tickets online with secure and easy transactions. You can secure your bullfighting tickets in Olivenza for 2024 from anywhere in Spain or the world.
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