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Figures and young people, in a fair of La Albahaca de Huesca of great incentives

The Tauroemoción company of Alberto García has presented this afternoon the posters of the La Albahaca 2023 bullfighting fair at the ABBA hotel in Huesca. The city of Aragón is packed with the highlights of the San Lorenzo celebrations in a series of six on-demand events and eight popular off-site fiestas. Four bullfights, one of neighborhoods and a bullfight without stings, which will take place from 6 to 1
of August.
"At the star fair" is on the general poster, because the stars are there. Morante de la Puebla, Roca Rey, Emilio de Justo, Perera, El Cordobés, Cayetano or Ginés Marín are just some of the aces of the Huesca cycle. Some of the players are Jose Garridon, Antonio Ferrera and Joselito Adamen. Leonardo, Pérez Langa and Guillermo Hermoso de Mendoza played the game.
Namely, during the jubilee:

V 6/08: Ice Sting. Porta Miravé, Jorge Mallen, Ignatius Bone and Hector Marco (Sisters. Azcona)

T 08/10: Antonio Ferrera, José Garrido and Isaac Fonseca (Los Maños)

R 11/08: Morant del Pueblo, Joselito Adams and Guinness World Records (Antonio Baths)

T 08/12: Córdoba, La Fandi and Cayetano (Salvador Domecq)

8.13.2008: Miguel Angel Perera, Emilio De Justo and Rock King (the same)

L 1
/08: Leonardo, Mario Pérez Pinta and William Bello Mendozast (Luis Albarrán)
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