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Incredible duel in Nîmes

Juan Leal and Andrés Roca Rey. It will be one of the most anticipated duels in the French squad due to their resounding victory in Gaul. The Nimes Pentecost fair is one of the most anticipated events on the bullfighting calendar each year. This year some posters have been created with incredible attractions for fans by businessman Simón Casas. One of them is on Friday, May 26. Sebastián Castella, Juan Leal and Roca Rey, with bulls from the Spanish Victoriano del Río ranch. Juan Leal and Roca Rey had an epic afternoon at a Harvest gig and were two of the headliners on the last Pentecost, adding even more momentum to the event. Juan Leal arrived in Nimes after a great performance at the San Isidro Fair last Sunday, May 21, where he defeated two Fuente Ymbro bulls that did not give up. The French right-hander is one of the most valuable bets among the French fans since his bullfighting and his bravery conquered all the fans. It should be noted that Leal, as we mentioned before, left the Puerta de los Cónsules on June 3, the last fair of Pentecost in 2022, after cutting off the three ears of the El Parralejo bull.
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