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OFFICIAL POSTERS SEVILLE 2023. presents the 2023 bullpen season of Seville.

D 09/04: Resurrection Sunday. Morant of the People, Julian Lopez 'El Juli' and Roca Rey (Núñez del Cuvillo)

D 16/04: Borja Jimenez, Lama of Gongora, Rafael Serna, Angel Jimenez, Ruiz Munoz and Calerito (Fermin Bohorquez)

X 19/04: Jose Garrido, Alvaro Lorenzo and Alfonso Cadaval (Santiago Domecq)

J 20/04: Michael Angel Perera, Daniel Luque and Francisco de Manuel (The Parralejo)

V 21/04: Diego Urdiales, Jose Maria Manzanares and Roca Rey (Nunez del Cuvillo)

S 22/04: The Cid, Manuel Escribano and Emilio de Justo (Victorino Martin)

D 23/04: Rui Fernandes, Diego Ventura and William Beautiful of Mendoza (San Pelayo-Capea)

L 24/04: Morant of the People, Alexander Talavante and Emilio de Justo (Brothers Garcia Jimenez)

M 25/04: Julian Lopez 'The Juli', Alexander Talavant and Thomas Rufo (Garcigrande)

X 26/04: Morant of the People, Diego Urdiales and Juan Ortega (Domingo Hernandez)

J 27/04: Jose Maria Manzanares, Paul Aguado and Thomas Rufo (Jandilla-Vegahermosa)

V 28/04: Sebastian Castella, Juan Ortega and Rock King (Victorian of the River-T. Cortes )

S 29/04: Antonio Ribeiro Telles, Morante of the People, Cayetano and Guinness Marin (Passanha-El Bullero)

D 30/04: Julian Lopez 'The Juli', Daniel Luque and Pablo Aguado (The Farm)

L 01/05: Antonio Ferrera, David Fandila 'The Fandi' and Manuel Scribe (Miura)


V 29/09: Morant of the People, Jose Maria Manzanares and Pablo Aguado (Brothers Garcia Jimenez)

S 30/09: Sebastian Castella, Alexander Talavant and Rock King (Victorian of the River-T. Cortes)

D 01/10: Morant of the People, Julian Lopez 'The Juli' and Daniel Luque (Garcigrande)

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