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Making history, the first Bullfighting NFT.

This poster has been transformed into something unprecedented and historic. Becoming the first bullfighting poster embodied in NFT. There is no doubt that it is a historical work since it is the first bullfighting poster that transcends the metaverse (NFT). This digital work, which combines many symbolic elements of bullfighting as well as the faces of several of the performers of the cycle, has been created by the communication department of Las Ventas and signed by its developer, Mr. Juan Iranzo. The work, in which some of its elements are animated and brought to life, has the unmistakable sound of the Madrid stands, the roar and its ole, and is now available on the OpenSea platform, the main platform where the NFTs sold reside. -, worth 19.31 Ethereum. That at the exchange of the EUR currency its value amounts to €29,640.36 in total. There is no doubt that it is a great step to continue promoting bullfighting.
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