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Bullfights are back in Las Ventas Madrid.

From the promoter of the Madrid bullring, they have formalized the posters for the autumn bullfighting fair in Las Ventas.

The poster schedule is as follows:

SATURDAY 1/10. Bullfight with picks
Steers from Fuente Ymbro
Victor Hernandez
Alvaro Alarcon

SUNDAY 2/10. Bullfight
Bulls of Adolfo Martín
Adrian de Torres (confirmation)
Angel Sanchez.

THURSDAY 6/10. Bullfight with picks
Steers from Valdellan
Yon Lamothe (introduction)
Diego Garcia
George Martinez.

FRIDAY 07/10. Bullfight
Bulls of El Pilar
Diego Urdiales
John Ortega
Pablo Aguado.

SATURDAY 08/10. Bullfight
Bulls of Puerto de San Lorenzo / The Window of the Port
Uceda Loyal
Moorish from Puebla
Angel Tellez.

SUNDAY 9/10. Bullfight
Bulls of Fuente Ymbro
miguel angel perera
john leal
Alvaro Lawrence.

Bulls of Victoriano del Río / T. de Cortés
king rock
Manuel's Fco.

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