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Seville wants to return in a big way: 12 bullfights including San Miguel (Preview) Ramón Valencia will announce Easter Sunday, eight more bullfights i

If the pandemic allows it, the bulls will return to Seville in style. In addition to the Easter Sunday poster, a train crash with history (Morante de la Puebla, Roca Rey and Pablo Aguado with bulls from Victoriano del Río), Ramón Valencia will announce another eight bullfights (not six as had been commented days ago) distributed in two sections, those of Garcigrande, Juan Pedro Domecq, Jandilla, Santiago Domecq, Matilla, Victorino Martín and Miura and a bullfight of rejones. Another three bullfights will be announced for San Miguel, in September: those of Juan Pedro Domecq, Garcigrande and Fuente Ymbro.

The posters are loaded because Morante, who has asked to fight Miura's at the end of the ‘fair’ (the poster will be completed with Pepe Moral and Escribano, possibly) will make a total of four parades. Three will be for Roca Rey, Pablo Aguado (Easter Sunday, ‘fair’ and San Miguel) and José María Manzanares, while El Juli would go two afternoons on the posters of the ‘fair’. Bullfights and posters have a high budget of combinations that have this skeleton. The company has also contacted Alejandro Talavante, however, it is gaining strength that the presence of the Extremaduran is at the San Miguel Fair.

Victoriano del Río (Easter Sunday, April 4): Morante de la Puebla, Roca Rey and Pablo Aguado.

And in the fair festivities:

Juan Pedro Domecq: Morante de la Puebla and Pablo Aguado.

Garcigrande: El Juli and Roca Rey.

Matilla: El Juli and Jose Mari Manzanares.

Jandilla: Possibly Enrique Ponce y Manzanares.

Miura: Morante de la Puebla and two Sevillian bullfighters who may be Pepe Moral and Manuel Escribano.

Santiago Domecq: El Fandi and Antonio Ferrera.

Victorino Martín: Emilio de Justo.

The third swords in these runs will be Miguel Ángel Perera (possibly in Garcigrande), Juan Ortega and Paco Ureña (Juan Pedro, Jandilla) and Daniel Luque.

The bullfights would be held from Thursday to Sunday, on the dates that would occupy ‘preferia’ and ‘lanterns’, from April 15 to 18 and from April 22 to 25. All this based on the possibility of celebration for a good evolution of the pandemic. We recall that Andalusia is currently in perimeter confinements. For this reason, the dates could be delayed until the 50% capacity permit is granted.

For San Miguel, which retains its traditional dates, the bullfights will be by Juan Pedro Domecq, Garcigrande and Fuente Ymbro and the base of the posters will be the names of Morante de la Puebla, Roca Rey, Pablo Aguado and Manzanares. There will also be two or three novilladas during this year.
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