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The Real Maestranza de Caballería de Sevilla awarded this Wednesday the prizes to the winners of the April 2018 Fair and to the best records of the last course. The great protagonist was Julián López "El Juli", who received the two main awards, which recognizes the best job and the winner of the fair. The award rewards the historic afternoon of last year in which pardoned Orgullito, Garcigrande. Precisely the farmer Justo Hernández also picked up two silver cups, those of the best bull and the most complete enclosure.

The one that was not present was José María Manzanares, awarded to the best thrust, in his place picked up the award his picador Paco María. They were also recognized Manuel Escribano -better bullfighting matador cape-, Andrés Romero -better rejoneador-, José Chacón -better subaltern-, Curro Javier -better pair of banderillas-, Paco María -better picador-. As for the finalists of the novilladas of promotion, Villita received a suit of lights, Pablo Páez, a capote for a walk and El Primi, a cape of struggle.
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