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The new company that takes the bullring of Madrid continues advancing in the completion of the cartels of bulls for the fair of san isidro, of his 71ª edition. According to sources close to the company we can advance some possible posters for the fair of san isidro 2017 where we can appreciate the presence of many more bullfighting figures than last year.
Here we outline possible combinations of posters of bulls on which the company is working for bulls Madrid 2017

Curro Díaz, Iván Fandiño and David Mora bulls of (Parlade)
Curro Díaz, Paco Ureña and Lopez Simón bulls (Montalvo)
Antonio Ferrera, Juan Bautista and Manuel Escribano bulls of (Adolfo)
Juan Bautista, Talavante and David Mora bulls (Cuvillo)
Javier Jimenez, David Galván bulls (La Quinta)
Diego Urdiales, Talavante and Paco Ureña bulls (Victorino)
El Cid, Joselito Adame and Juan del Álamo bulls (Alcurrucen)
Joselito Adame bulls from (El Torero)
The Juli, Ginés Marín (conf.) And Alvaro Lorenzo (conf.) Bulls of (Alcurrucen)
El Juli, Alejandro Talavante and José Mª Manzanares bulls of (V. Del Río) Beneficence
Enrique Ponce, Varea (conf.) Bulls of (Garcigrande)
Sebastián Castella, López Simón bulls of (Jandilla)
José Mª Manzanares, Joaquín Galdós (conf.) Bulls of (Juan Pedro)
Sebastián Castella, Alejandro Talavante and Javier Jiménez bulls (El Puerto)
Miguel Ángel Perera, López Simón and Roca Rey bulls of (Vict del Río)
The Fandi, Miguel Angel Perera and José Garrido bulls (Fuente Ymbro)
Iván Fandiño, Morenito de Aranda and Gonzalo Caballero bulls of (José Luis Pereda)
Morante de la Puebla, Cayetano and other bulls (Cuvillo) Culture
Juan del Álamo, Fortes, Roman Bullfighting (Lagunajanda)
Daniel Luque, Fortes and Juan Leal bulls of (Valdefresno)
Diego Urdiales, David Mora and José Garridotoros de (El Pilar)
Roman, Morenito de Aranda bulls (El Ventorrillo)

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