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Morenito de Aranda

Buy your tickets to see the bullfighter Morenito de Aranda for any place in the world in 2019. In season we will put all the information on current signs so you do not run out to buy their tickets and bulls Morenito de Aranda and not have to wait long lines and avoid having the uncertainty of being able to lose his favorite bullfighter as Morenito de Aranda. In you can purchase your tickets, tickets, tickets fertilizers or Morenito de Aranda bulls from home or from anywhere in the world simply to be connected to the Internet and a single click.

Entradas ya a la venta
Morenito de Aranda, Rubén Pinar, Joaquin Galdos ticketsPlace: bullring Corella
Farm: Victorino Martín, Los Maños
Date and time: 29/09/2019 17:30
Past celebrations
Morenito de Aranda, El Cid tickets
Place: Plaza de toros Santa Eulalia
Farm: Sorando
Date and time: 25/08/2019 18:00
Sebastián Castella , Morenito de Aranda, Antonio Ferrera tickets
Place: Plaza de toros Burgos
Farm: El Pilar
Date and time: 29/06/2019 18:30
Morenito de Aranda, Pepe Moral, José Garrido tickets
Place: Plaza de Toros de Madrid las Ventas
Farm: Fuente Ymbro
Date and time: 14/06/2019 19:00
Morenito de Aranda, Juan del Alamo, Tomas campos tickets
Place: Plaza de Toros de Madrid las Ventas
Farm: Las Ramblas
Date and time: 04/06/2019 19:00
Morenito de Aranda, Rubén Pinar tickets
Place: Plaza de toros La Flecha, Arroyo Encomienda
Farm: Victorino Martín
Date and time: 23/03/2019 18:00
Morenito de Aranda, Emilio de Justo, Juan del Alamo tickets
Place: Plaza de toros corella
Farm: Victorino Martín
Date and time: 29/09/2018 17:30
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