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Ismael Martín
Ismael Martín, is a young Spanish bullfighter known as "Ismael Martín". 

Date of birth: On August 27, 2003 in Cantalpino in the province of Salamanca, Spain. 

Public debut: On September 13, 2019 in the bullring of Barruecopardo in Salamanca. 

Debut with picadors: On May 24, 2022 in the bullring of Arenas de San Pedro in Avila. Sharing the bill with Daniel Medina in a mano a mano.

Places where he has fought: Ismael has fought in places like La Maestranza de Sevilla, Las Ventas, Plaza de Arenas de San Pedro. 

Bullfighter style: Bullfighter with a lot of projection.

Additional information: He trained as a student at the Escuela Taurina de Salamanca.

Bullfights available:Alejandro Peñaranda, Ismael Martín, Jarocho
El Fandi, Manuel Escribano, Ismael Martín

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