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Andy Cartagena
Buy your tickets to see the bullfighter Andy Cartagena for any place in the world in 2023. In season we will put all the information on current signs so you do not run out to buy their tickets and bulls Andy Cartagena and not have to wait long lines and avoid having the uncertainty of being able to lose his favorite bullfighter as Andy Cartagena. In you can purchase your tickets, tickets, tickets fertilizers or Andy Cartagena bulls from home or from anywhere in the world simply to be connected to the Internet and a single click.
Andy Cartagena, Diego Ventura, Lea Vicens tickets
Alicante bullring
Fermín Bohórquez
18/06/2023 19:00
Andy Cartagena, Leonardo Hernandez , Ferrer Martin tickets
bullring Antequera
Juan Albarrán
26/08/2023 19:30

Past celebrations

Andy Cartagena, Lea Vicens, Guillermo Hermoso de Mendoza .. tickets
Bullring cuenca
D.Jose Benitez Cubero
23/08/2022 18:30
Andy Cartagena, Lea Vicens, Guillermo Hermoso de Mendoza .. tickets
Bullring of alicante
Fermín Bohórquez
19/06/2022 19:00
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