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The Bullfighting Rebirth in Barcelona: La Monumental Reopens its Doors

Barcelona's iconic La Monumental bullring, an icon that has been closed to bullfighting since 2011, is once again in the spotlight for Catalan fans as it announces its reopening for a significant event on May 16. This event not only celebrates International Bullfighting Day, but also marks a moment of great relief and joy for the followers of bullfighting in Catalonia, who have waited years for the possibility of once again enjoying their cultural tradition directly from the stands of one of the most significant squares in the region.

The event, organized by the Federation of Bullfighting Entities of Catalonia, in collaboration with the Bullfighting School of Catalonia and the Toro de Lidia Foundation, is presented as a day of celebration and vindication of bullfighting values. Starting at 5:30 p.m., the doors of La Monumental will invite bullfighters, fans and personalities from the bullfighting world to enter to share an afternoon full of cultural and educational activities.

This reunion with bullfighting in Barcelona is seen as a resurgence of bullfighting passion in an environment that has seen its expression limited in this cultural sphere for more than a decade. The news has been received with enthusiasm and hope by the bullfighting community, considering it a step forward towards the normalization and recognition of bullfighting as a form of art and tradition in Catalonia.
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