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A truly opulent San Julián Fair will be held for another year in Cuenca, in which prominent bullfighters have chosen to make an important pit stop in the middle of the season. The season ticket, which was presented this Thursday at the "José Luis Perales" Auditorium in the provincial capital, will have three bullfights, a rejones, cuts and a practical class from August 25 to 30. Access will be restricted to subscribers, and none of these events will have an additional cost.

The San Isidro Fair will be officially inaugurated on Saturday, August 26, after the celebration of cuts on Friday, August 25, at night. Sebastián Castella, winner of the previous San Isidro Fair, will attend. Along with him, two of the season's bullfighters will interpret the pasello with the bullfight: Juan Ortega, whose artistic vision attracts admirers from all over the country, and Daniel Luque from Seville, who knew how to leave on his shoulders through the Puerta del Príncipe in Seville.

The next day, Sunday August 27, one of the greatest bullfighters in history, Diego Ventura, will compete in Cuenca. Guillermo Hermoso de Mendoza from Navarre will also compete, who has recently given reasons to anticipate him at the Fairs. The Pallarés bulls can end the Rui Fernandes festival.

Another of the highlights of the Fair will debut on Monday the 28th: Morante de la Puebla will be one of the star posters on the livestock of José Vázquez, a true myth in this arena. The shortlist will be closed by Fernando Adrián, one of the most sought-after young bullfighters of the moment, who left Madrid on his shoulders up to two times both at the San Isidro Fair and at the Corrida de la Beneficencia. He will be followed with luck by José Mara Manzanares, another indisputable figure. The aforementioned bullfight will take place on Tuesday, August 29, in a practical class, and only free and special admission will be granted to subscribers.

Another of these gestures, carried out by Rehuelga from the cast of Santa Coloma, was used to face a bullfight on Wednesday, August 30. Rehuelga is one of the characters that season after season has Cuenca as the center of attention. Three key bullfighters in the Fairs, El Juli, Emilio de Justo and Roca Rey, have agreed to put their skills to the test in front of this cast following a suggestion made by MaxiToro.

Luis Algara "El Estudiante" was honored during an emotional gala that served as the central axis.

Cuenca bullfighter Luis Algara "El Estudiante", who chose to fight in the city's bullring fifty years earlier, was honored during the poster presentation ceremony, which was led by journalist José Vicente Vila "Chicuelito". Daro Dolz, the mayor of Cuenca, was in charge of handing him the commemorative trophy and addressing a few brief words to the audience.

Fernando Adrián has been another of the great protagonists of the gala because he is one of the great winners of the season and will purchase season tickets. He has two Great Gates in Madrid. José Luis Martínez Guijarro, the regional vice president, has given recognition for this fact. The bullfighter Daniel Moset and the rancher Pedro Miota have also offered a few words to those present.

The city's bullfighting lovers are also addressed by the businessman Maximino Pérez, who has prepared all the bullfighting combinations for Cuenca. The posters say the following:.

-S 08/26: Bulls by Román Sorando for Juan Ortega, Sebastián Castella and Daniel Luque.

08/27: He rejoins. bulls from the Pallarés ranch for William Beautiful de Mendoza, Diego Ventura and Rui Fernandes.

-L 08/28: Bulls by José Vázquez for Morante de la Puebla, Manzanas and Fernando Adrián.

For El Juli, Emilio de Justo and Roca Rey, the Strike Bulls takes place in August

The cycle will conclude on Tuesday, September 29, with a bullfight without chops, and on Friday, September 25, with a Goya-style cutting contest.
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