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-15th May 2019 - MIGUEL ANGEL PERERA

Speaking of generosity, I prefer Perera's. That which does not seem not to count and which turns out to be key to the emotion of the afternoon and key to the bowels of a bull. Throwing the coin into the air giving a bull twenty meters away in Madrid is a double risk. One, for the bull and another for the stands, because you can see a lot of bull and less a bullfighter. Of bullfighting ruins resulting from these generous distances in the cites, is Madrid full. With a powerful bull but without letting go of the flights, bravo in varas, putting his face in the capote but coming out with his face high and braked on banderillas, Perera played thighs and credit, wearing the bull as he likes in Madrid . In that distance where there is a risk of misunderstood generosity

-22 May 2019 -ROCA REY

A man, newly sewn of a goring, pulled out of its entrails the most brutally pure earthquake of those who can create. Madrid quaked neighborhood by neighborhood, house by house. With the echo of the olés reaching through the air to beyond this city that had the privilege of the most imposing earthquake that can exist: the superior bullfighting of a man whose value has no horizon and whose bullfight despises everything that is not true. When bullfighting is Rock and is King, there is no force of nature more magnificently beautiful. With a powerful background bull of Parladé and stamp to frame, bullfighting has launched the message: there are no balls to prohibit this. He throws it, says it and signs it @ Rocarey, who was resurrected after a brutal fuck, to get a hurricane from bullfighting inside with no more precaution than contempt for his own life.

-24 May 2019 -DAVI DE MIRANDA

The intensity of a passion is measured by the loneliness that precedes it. The immense loneliness of David de Miranda, condemned not to walk from a fierce horn, is directly proportional to the passion with which he stuck superlatively bravely to a tremendously brave bull and superlative bottom of Juan Pedro Domecq. It was nightfall, epilogue of an afternoon kidnapped by the wind, with a happy reunion of Paco Ureña with Madrid. After aligning the stars against El Juli. What a great Madrid. A mountain range to be conquered from which bullfighters come out based on their passions, removed from the anonymity of the mountain by the hat of an impressive bull and bullfighter who impressed by his passion, fresh out of the solitude of a goring.


Ferrera took the pencil from the end opposite the tip and wrote a beautiful apology of madness. Where the eraser is located wrote. Toreando slowly to the slowness stopped of passage of the humiliated snail that was the sublime bull of Zalduendo. To which drew a tanda reducing the onslaught, with the rubber erased what was done, full of madness that only have the sane, unsatisfied with the created. And he wrote another line, another line, another muletazo of abandoned calligraphy. Toro and bullfighter agreed to speak in whispers of creative dissatisfaction, looking for another beauty in each pass. Liberated bull and bullfighter of the dogmas of sanity that bullfighting and life has imposed on us, put bullfighting in the exact place where Velázquez, Cervantes, Picasso or Lorca still live. It is bullfighting that heals us of sanity. The madness of Luis David to return to the face of the bull after a brutal fuck. The madness knew to raise bulls in a world of anonymous sane. Glory only loves madness.
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