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In this's section you you can find officially credits, income, tickest or tickets to be present to see the bulls in Alcañiz's bullring in to the provincia of teruel 2017. distributes for Internet entered of Alcañiz's bullring on-line 2017 of a simple form and guaranteeing your income once bought 100 %. In podras to buy credits and income, for bulls Alcañiz 2017 before the day of beginning of the sale of income and this way you will not get lost his favorite event, in the bullring of Alcañiz belonging to the province of Teruel.
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This bullring was built on a plot of an old square that was oval, the founders were a board of neighbors presided over by Manuel foz, the owners were all inhabitants of the town who bought shares worth 500 pesetas of the old , Later the city council bought the totality of the shares.
The bullring of Alcañiz was inaugurated on September 10, 1913 with a bullfight fought by Jaime Ballesteros "Herrerín" and Florentino Ballesteros, the latter being caught which prevented him from continuing the fight, with steers of calahorrana of Candido Diaz

The bullring of Alcañiz has a capacity of more or less a capacity of 4394 entries, being a place of bulls of 3rd category, this located in the avenue of Galan Bergua sªn cp: 44600 Alcañiz province of Teruel.

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