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Francisco Rivera Pérez is a Spanish bullfighter popularly known in the bullfighting world as “Paquirri”.

Date of birth: March 5, 1948.

Public debut: [/ u] On August 16, 1962 he made his debut in the Plaza de Toros de Barbate where he alternated with José Rivera “Riverita”. That day they fought cattle from the Núñez Polovieja ranch.

[u]Debut with picadors:
  He debuted with picadors in the Plaza de Toros de Cádiz on June 28, 1964 along with the matadors José Gonzáles “Copano” and Rafael Jiménez Márquez, fighting steers from the Marqués de Villamarta.

Alternative: The alternative was taken on August 11, 1966 in the Bullring in Barcelona, Spain. His godfather was Paco Camino and Santiago Martín “El Viti”, his witness. He bullfighted cattle from Don Carlos Urquijo's ranch.

Alternative confirmation: [/ u] he confirmed the alternative on a day like May 18, 1967 in the Las Ventas Bullring in Madrid. That day he was once again sponsored by Paco Camino and, this time, his witness was José Fuentes. A confirmation where he fought with the bulls from D. Juan Pedro Domecq's livestock.

[u] Plazas in which he has bullfighted: [/ u] Paquirri has bullfighted in the most important plazas in Spain. La Maestranza in Seville, Las Ventas, Cordoba bullring, Jerez de la Frontera bullring among others.

[u]Bullfighter style:
For many fans one of the great figures of Spanish bullfighting. One of the characteristics of him bullfighting is his temper and art with the cape. But with the crutch he is one of the best of his generation. He is capable of hitting several muletazos in two or three movements with hardly any space.

Additional information: He left through the Puerta Grande of the Las Ventas Bullring in Madrid in 1969, where he left on three occasions, 1974, 1979 and 1989. He died on September 26 of the year 1984, after suffering a very serious attack while fighting cattle from the Sayalero and Bandrés ranch in the Pozoblanco Bullring in Córdoba.

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