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In this section of, you can officially buy season tickets, tickets or tix to attend any bullfighting event held in the Valdemorillo bullring in the year 2024. is a company responsible for officially selling tickets for the Valdemorillo bullring in the year 2024 online and in a safe way, guaranteeing your tickets once purchased 100%. In turn can make booking your tickets and season tickets for bullfighting in Valdemorillo prior to the day of the start of ticket sales and so you will not miss your favorite event.
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The valdemorillo bullring was inaugurated in 2003 more specifically on February 4, his first bullfight was the hand of the bullfighters Vicente Barrera, Eduardo Dávila Miura and Julio Pedro Saavedra with bulls from the herd of San Roman.

The bullring of Valdemorillo has a bullring with a diameter of 45 meters being a 3rd category bullring and having a capacity of more than 5990 spectators who have a large parking lot where they can park their cars.

The new bullring valdemorillo was funded by the municipality of valdemorillo and built by the construction company owned by Antonio San Roman, with a concession for twelve years. is responsible for sell online valdemorillo bullfighting tickets and so the bullfighting fan can buy their tickets valdemorillo bulls in a comfortable and simple way, without having to move from home and having to wait in long lines.

Past celebrations


Miguel Ángel Perera, Paco Ureña, García Pulido tickets tickets

Valdemorillo bullring
11/02/2024 17:00



Alejandro Talavante, Juan Ortega, Ginés Marín tickets tickets

Valdemorillo bullring
Núñez del Cuvillo
10/02/2024 17:00


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