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    The Plaza de Toros de Alcalá de Henares was formerly located in a different location than it is today, next to the Ruiz de Velasco Sports Pavilion, formerly it was located much more centrally, exactly next to the Plaza de España, and long before All this was located near the Plaza de Cervantes, with Bustamante de la Cámara street being the corral of the bulls of the old bullring of Alcalá de Henares.

    The first bullring in Alcalá de Henares was inaugurated on July 3, 1879. With bulls from the Laffite and Juan Bertólez ranches, for the bullfighters Salvador Sánchez “Frascuelo” and his brother Francisco Sánchez “Paco Frascuelo ”. The Alcalá de Henares bullring was built under the supervision of Antonio Saraldi and in the inaugural bullfight the mayor of the town, Esteban Azaña, acted as president of the bullfight.

    The Alcalá de Henares bullring was reopened on August 26, 1958, with an unbeatable bullfighting lineup made up of eight bulls fought by the bullfighters, César Girón, Curro Girón, Gregorio Sánchez and Jaime Ostos, their last bullfight was held in August 1998 and thus was closed forever.

    The new arena of the Alcalá de Henares bullring was inaugurated on September 1, 1999 by the bullfighters Miguel Báez Litri, Enrique Ponce and Miguel Abellán, in the bullfight of the Garcigrande ranch.

    The Alcalá de Henares bullring is third category and with a capacity of 8,500 tickets. Its most important fair is the San Bartolomé Fair, the last week of August.

    This bullring in Alcalá de Henares is not only used for bullfights, it also holds all kinds of public festivities such as music festivals, concerts, motocross, etc. In addition, the ground floor of the new construction, unlike the old one, has been used to install multiple leisure and hospitality venues.
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