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Granada Promotes Bullfighting with an Investment of 120,000 Euros

The Provincial Council of Granada has announced a significant investment of 120,000 euros for the organization of bullfights and bullfights in the province, underlining its commitment to the preservation of bullfighting as an integral part of the cultural and social heritage. This gesture represents important support for traditional festivities and is expected to revitalize local economic activity, in addition to strengthening tourism.

The game will be divided equally to support both the running of the bulls, which in some cases have more than four centuries of history, and the bullfights promoted by the bullfighting schools in the region. This financial support will be distributed among several municipalities, allowing each to receive up to 12,000 euros in funds, which will help ensure the continuity of these traditions.

This effort by the Granada Provincial Council highlights the importance of investing in traditional celebrations such as bullfighting, not only to preserve the cultural legacy, but also to promote the local economy by attracting tourists and creating jobs in the community.

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