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Bullfighting enters more into the state coffers than cinema.

The numbers speak for themselves: the Spanish film received €65 million in direct government support, a significant increase from the €48 million it received in 2019, the last year of activity before COVID. However, the 35% increase in the budget did not translate into an improvement in the coffers. The situation of Spanish cinema contrasts with La Tauromaquia. Despite the fact that the show is declared intangible cultural heritage, the truth is that the state administration spends the remaining percentage of its cultural budget on it, subsidies account for only 2.4% of this expense for a total value of 1,290 million . According to the free market portal, the figures released by the Ministry of Culture show that at the end of 2022 the cinema box office will be 83 million euros, 11 million euros less than the 94 million of 2019. Thus, while the will to Aid of the government increased by 35 percent, ticket sales decreased by 12 percent.
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