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Valdemorillo bets again on the figures in a category fair, here their posters

Bullfighting Towns, directed by Carlos Zúñiga and Víctor Zabala, has unveiled the posters for the upcoming Candelaria and San Blas fairs in the mountain town of Valdemorillo. A series made up of two bullfights and a heifer with a bullfight, in which the bullfighting heroes reappear in the fair category, whose poster exclusively promotes this medium. From February 4 to 6, Valdemorillo will once again be the benchmark for bullfighting and promises to once again fill the ranks of the covered plaza. So the main course comes on Sunday with a one-on-one between two bullfighters recognized by the fans for their pure bullfighting philosophy: Diego Urdiales and Juan Ortega. The duel of the two most valuable right-handers of the great show.

On Saturday it was the turn of the decisive winner of the previous round, Miguel Ángel Perera. Last season it was announced that Cayetano Candelaria would take the ring in 2022 after not being able to play the paseíllo due to injury; and Ginés Marín, one of the liveliest bullfighters in Madrid Uno, will make his debut in the ring. The awards ceremony, led by the journalist Victoria Collantes, was attended by some of the announced matadors of the series, such as Cayetano Rivera, Diego Urdiales (Diego Urdiales, Juan Ortega and Ginés Marín).

The poster is as follows:

– S 04/02: Miguel Ángel Perera, Cayetano and Jins Marín (Montalvo)

– D 02/05: Diego Urdiales and Juan Ortega, working together (José Vázquez)

– L 02/06: Víctor Hernández, Guillermo García and Sergio Rodríguez (Count Mayade)
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