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Diego Ventura arrancará su año de apuestas en Illescas. En una temporada en la que le esperan importantes compromisos, el rejoneador de La Puebla del

Diego Ventura will start his year of betting in Illescas. In a season in which important commitments await him, the bullfighter from La Puebla del Río has decided that the first stop that his 2022 will have – on March 13 – will be the Miracle Fair, as prior to his Fallas appointments in Valencia, Magdalena in Castellón and Easter in Arles, three great commitments that will herald the bullfighting spring. After a winter in which he has decided not to do the American season, Diego Ventura thus faces the first of his little walks.

For a few years, the rejoneador based in Sevillian lands has been achieving those challenges that he set for himself when he began to dream of being a bullfighter on horseback. Puertas del Príncipe de Sevilla, Puertas Grandes de Madrid, solo bullfights in high-altitude arenas, participation in celebrations with bullfighting bullfights... all to give greater dimension to a career that catalogs him as the leading bullfighting figure. Regarding the art of Marialva, Diego Ventura has already written his name in golden letters and has done so forever.

Up to 23 paseíllos he braided in last year's season, in which he cut a total of 67 ears and ten tails. Despite not stepping on anything as relevant as Madrid or Seville, not only does he keep his credit intact, but the fans who love horseback riding await him with even more expectation. Him and his incredible stable of horses. This is how Illescas will see him in the return of the Miracle, where the best rejoneador of all time will begin his season.
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