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The overwhelming response from Nacho Lloret, manager of the SC company, reassures, that he claims, the concern that may have been generated over the weeks since the suspension of the Fallas bullfights.

-In the communication that was made on March 12, according to the authorities, it was very clear and there has been no news to the contrary. Verbatim it was said that the rights of the spectators will be respected both in regard to the refund of the amount of the tickets as well as the validity or exchange of the same for the new festivities that are scheduled and, obviously, if they are not scheduled new celebrations as it seems that it is going to happen, it will be necessary to approach the return of all the towns that were sold. It is what was said and what we maintain. As soon as the exceptional situation in which we find ourselves passes, in which the priority is to ensure the health of the people, and in agreement with the public authorities, the periods and the ways to proceed with the return will be established.

- In those communiqués there was talk of postponement.

-The communiqués arose after a series of meetings with representatives of the Provincial Government and the Generalitat and, in effect, reference was made to the postponement. From the very presidency of the Generalitat there was also talk of postponement at the time. The City Council even announced the possibility of celebrating Fallas in July and although I insist that everything indicates that it will not be possible, the authorities will have to say it so that, based on this, we can propose the solution in a way another but always respecting the rights of the spectators and among these rights is obviously the return.

-Fans were used to the fact that once a celebration was suspended or postponed, it was returned.

-The return could not be implemented according to the bullfighting regulations in use because the State of Alarm that prohibited the concentration of people came to us as it would have occurred if we had applied that system that, in addition, we were tacitly warned that it was not possible. Now, in agreement with the authorities, we will decide how to do it with the best facilities and guarantees.

"We have sold almost thirty-eight thousand tickets between subscriptions and loose tickets. Their return requires a significant personnel operation and a plan"

-How many tickets were sold?

-We have sold almost thirty-eight thousand tickets between season tickets and single tickets. Its return, as it is easy to suppose, requires a whole important operation of personnel and a plan. You have to know how to proceed so that people can go to the ticket offices and present these tickets.

-There are other formulas that do not necessarily go through the box office.

-Evidently, but there will always be a significant number of people, the majority, who have to go because they have bought the tickets with cash. This step must be taken by the authorities to know how many people can go, when and how. We have been working for a long time on the elaboration of protocols so that, when the time is right, we can present them to those responsible for the Generalitat and, in accordance with them, proceed in the most orderly manner possible.

-There were those who bought by telematic means.

-Those are a minority. They will not reach eight thousand tickets. With them it can be easier and obviously as soon as the situation returns to normal that will be the easiest step to execute.

-And those who paid by card at the box office would have to go back to the box office?

-There are many casuistry. Who do you have to return the ticket to: who has paid or who has the ticket? ... You have to think about it very well, we believe that you have to return the amount to whoever has the title, in this case the ticket. And for that the only way is to go to the box office and present it.

-There have been complaints of opacity.

- Since the initial communications there have been no changes and we have understood therefore that there was nothing new to communicate. In any case, all queries and emails that have been sent to us have been answered.

-SC continues hand in hand with the Castellón company on the issue of suspension or postponement?

-The communication that has existed so far has been joint between the two squares. The casuistry and the problems are very similar and therefore I understand that the moment this situation happens, the two companies will meet with the Generalitat and look for solutions that, even if they are individual, cannot differ much from each other.

Not being able to give bulls, the Diputación's contract with Simón Casas has been suspended by decision of the provincial corporation itself

- This second and last extension of the current lease of your company with the County Council in what situation is it?

-The contract refers only to bullfighting celebrations and as it could not be given, by decision of the Provincial Council, it was suspended h
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