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Román Collado Goinguenet is a Spanish bullfighter popularly known in the bullfighting world as “Román”.

Date of birth: March 15, 1993 in Valencia, Spain.

Public debut:

Debut with picadores: [/ u] On September 24, 2011 he debuted with picadores at the Algemesí Bullring, Valencia. That day he fought cattle from the livestock of Mr. Pedro Gutiérrez Moya “Niño de la Capea”, alternating with the rejoneador Francisco Palha and the bullfighter Jesús Duque, in a mixed bullfight.

On June 7, 2014 he took the alternative in the Bullring of Nimes, France. With bulls from the “Garcigrande” ranch, he was sponsored by Julián López “El Juli” and Sebastián Castella was his witness.

Alternative confirmation: [/ u] he confirmed the alternative in Madrid on May 19, 2016. On this occasion, Enrique Ponce was his godfather and Daniel Luque was his witness. That day he bullfighted cattle from El Puerto de San Lorenzo.

[u] Plazas in which he has bullfighted: [/ u] Roman has come to bullfight in the most representative bullfighting plazas in the world. Emblematic squares such as La Maestranza in Seville, Las Ventas, La Maestranza in Ronda, Pamplona bullring, La Malagueta, Arena in Arles, Arena in Nimes.

[u] Bullfighter style: [/ u] he is one of the young promises of bullfighting. He has a great display with the cape and covers a lot of ground.

[u]Additional information:
He left through the Puerta Grande of the Las Ventas Bullring in Madrid on August 15, 2017. He alternated with Iván Vicente and Juan Leal, and they dealt with cattle from the “ La Reina” and “El Tajo” with which he cut off one ear from the first bull from the “La Reina” ranch and another ear from the second bull from his lot corresponding to the “El Tajo” ranch.

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