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Información Aragon is an autonomous community of Spain, comprising the central section of the Ebro valley, central Pyrenees and the Iberian Sierras. Aragon is located in northern Spain, and is bordered on the west by the autonomous communities of Castilla-La Mancha, Castilla y Leon to the north by France, La Rioja, Navarra and eastern Catalonia and Valencia. It is defined in its statute of autonomy as a historical nationality of Spain.
In the community of Aragon there is much bullfighting tradition having to highlight the fair pillar in the bullring in Zaragoza where celebrations as well known as the heifer or where every evening are given the best bullfights in Spain is celebrated.
And if you visit Aragon you will enjoy all this: the magnificent land of famous painter Francisco de Goya If you like culture do not forget to visit monasteries, castles, all examples of Moorish architecture declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO or more monuments such as the Basilica of Our Lady of Pilar, now if you're more adventurous visit the ski resorts in its famous ski and try some of the best cuisine of this region of the community of Aragon.
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