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Bullring Santander
The festivities of the Santander fair will start on Saturday, July 23 with a poster made up of Alejandro Talavante, Pablo Aguado and the alternative of Manuel Diosleguarde, before Torrealta bulls.

On Sunday 24 there will be a bullfight with the Núñez de Tarifa iron for Víctor Hernández, Isaac Fonseca and Marcos Linares.

On Monday, July 25, Morante de la Puebla, Diego Urdiales and Juan Ortega are announced with a running of the bulls by Juan Pedro Domecq, and the following day, Tuesday 26, will be the bullfight that will have Ginés Marín as its sole protagonist, who will fight six bulls from the ranches of Juan Pedro Domecq, Pallarés, Antonio Bañuelos, Vegahermosa, Domingo Hernández and El Parralejo.

On July 27 will be the bullfight of the reappearance of Dávila Miura, who returns for a day to commemorate his 25th anniversary as a bullfighter. He will do it by sharing the poster with El Juli and Roca Rey in a running of the bulls in El Puerto de San Lorenzo.

On Thursday the 28th a rejone bullfight has been scheduled with Sergio Galán, Leonardo Hernández and Guillermo Hermoso de Mendoza, with bulls from Los Espartales, and the fair will end with the La Quinta bullfight on Friday the 29th in a lineup made up of Antonio Ferrera, Miguel Angel Perera and Jose Garrido.
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